Fedora Utils

It seems every time anyone gets a new computer, they always end up installing the same plugins and add-ons. Fedora Utils is a great little app to help you install those little add-ons and tweak your system for performance with just a few clicks:

  1. To get Fedora Utils, go to its webpage at fedorautils.sourceforge.net and click the link Download RPM Installer .

    downloading fedora utils in firefox
  2. Firefox will ask you what you'd like to do with the downloaded file; choose the default, Software Install by clicking the OK button.

    installing fedora utils in firefox
  3. The software installer wizard will prompt you for your administrative ("root") password; type it in and continue.

  4. After the software has installed, launch Fedora Utils by finding it in the Activities Overview by searching for fedora.

  5. It's a powerful application with a lot of options, and it's not smart to go crazy and install everything if you don't know what it does. For now, choose Essential Tweaks & Tasks


  6. Choose from the list which tweaks you wish to make to your system. The most commonly used selections are:

  utils tweaks
    • Add Additional Repos

    • Install Multimedia Codecs

    • Enable DVD Playback

    • Install Adobe Flash Plugin

    • Install Java Runtime Environment

    • Install Wine with Gecko

    • Install GTalk Plugin

    • Install Microsoft Truetype Fonts

    • Install Essential Softwares

    • Update System

  7. Now sit back and let the computer work.

  8. Once that's finished, you'll find yourself back at the main menu of Fedora Utils. Select Install Additional Software and click OK to continue.

    isntall additional software with fedora

  9. From this list, choose any software that you might be used to on your old computer and install it here. The most common applications are:

    1. Google Chrome - the popular web browser

    2. HandBrake - the DVD ripper

    3. Skype - the internet telephone

    4. LibreOffice Suite - the full-featured office suite

  10. This may take a while, so a cup of coffee is probably in order. But once it's finished, your computer will be ready for anything!